A new challenger approaches

TND_BandIntroThe age of live music from Travis the End is upon us!

I’m super excited to finally introduce my band! It’s a fierce squad of talented musicians ready to wreak havoc on the music scene!

From left to right we’ve got:

– William; An energetic bass player who delivers an unbridled and stylish playing style.

– JayCee; My awesome brother and the second vocalist of my band. He delivers raw, powerful vocals with great emotion and texture.

– Kiffe; A creative artist and axeman who’s not afraid to think outside the box to create unique and tasteful music.

– Tobias; The fiercest drummer this side of Sweden.  Tobias drumming style is a mixture of intense carnage and artistic sensibility.

– Joachim; A guitar hero. His shredding is so mean it’ll melt your face right off!

So this is my crew. I’m super stoked to be playing live music again and hopefully we’ll see you on stage soon!