Gigs in Partille and Kungsbacka

Wha’ts up Endheads? It’s been a busy couple of weeks for us in Travis the End. Our EP is nearing its final stages of production and we’ve played our second and third gigs.

First off let’s talk about the gigs. The former gig was at an event called Partillerocken. It’s an annual music competition held in Gothenburg, Sweden. We didn’t qualify for finals but we had a great time and met a lot of awesome people!

The week after that we had our third gig. This time in Kungsbacka, our home town with five other local bands. Once again we had a great time, meeting our home town music peers and playing a show with friends was awesome! For this gig we had time to do a longer set, so this marks the first half hour Travis the End set and it was so cool being able to expand our show and experiment within the longer time frame. Big thanks to crowd, bands and crew of these amazing events and we can’t wait to get on stage again!

As for our EP I can only say that it’s turning out really great and you should get excited! We’re coming for you, this fall!

Until next time, stay metal.