RoadsWhat’s up Endheads (cute, right?)? I hope you had a pleasant New years! I just thought I’d give you an update on Travis, the End and what plans I have for 2015.

To start things off I’m heading into the studio to record an album! I’ve teamed up with my favorite drummer to produce some killer tracks for Spotify and for production. Super stoked!

Live music has always been a huge passion for me, the way one can recreate ones art in real time with other people is just mesmerizing. Couple this with a captivated audience and you’ve got an essential part of the music experience. So in order to pursue this passion I’ve actually started to form a band aroundTravis, the End! I’ve found some great musicians and all ready started rehearsing and it feels great!  So stay tuned for live content from us in 2015!

So these are the major projects I’ve got going on, but I also got many surprises for you along the way!  I’m really excited for 2015 and I hope you are too. Have a great year, take care and keep rockin’.